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Fatal Image Entertainment and Artist Fatal Image (Brett Rogers) , bring you music from pure place.  Fatal Image accomplishes taking social issues and putting it to music. We all want to feel like we are going somewhere when we listen to music, with songs like, "Long Journey Home" and "Instilled" or "Wake-Up", you hear the passion.

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Fatal Image KHAM commercial
Shreveport/Bossier Record label for upcoming Rap Artist. Artist from this label featured in the Road House II movie www.fatalimageentertainment.com




Recording Artist-Tilo

Arriving on the scene in 2010, HipHop Artist Tilo brought a flare to the label with  her hit single,Slow Roll It, is currently on Itunes and streaming nationwide.  Wanna hear a lady put  it down lyrically like any fella, then you need to click on her link.
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Fatal Image, Tick Goes the Clock
Violence!!!!! The alarming rate in which it is increasing!!!!! The need for focus on why???? Tick Goes Tha Clock, time grows short 2 stop another tragedy!!!!!! We must pay attention!!!!!!! www.fatalim...

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